Reading Resolutions For 2019

Now that the first week of the New Year has past, I’ve had enough time to reflect and really consider the goals that I want to accomplish this year in my reading life. Because accountability increases the odds of following through on resolutions, I am sharing these goals with you!

  1. Complete my annual Goodreads Reading Challenge. This year is also my increase year, so I am on target to read 35 titles.
  2. Finish reading the graduate school titles that I didn’t actually read when I was supposed to. I have three titles left from my creative writing course, three novels left from my 19th century domestic fiction course, and one title left from my critical theory course. Many of these are already in progress, but I’ll probably have to go back to the first page for some.
  3. Participate in a cookbook club. I had read some articles on the web about friends hosting parties to share all of the recipes they had sampled from a common cookbook, and it sounded fun. One of my friends from the barn had the same idea and started organizing it, so I’ll be attending my first meeting next month!
  4. Weed through my bookshelves. I’ve accumulated a fair amount of titles that I haven’t dutifully read… I suppose it’s time to decide which I actually do want to read, and donate the rest to my local library’s used books sale.
  5. Catch up on Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I’m tired of being exactly one book behind the TV series! It’s like Game of Thrones all over again.
  6. Read books that I already own or have borrowed from the library. While I’m glad that my purchasing books has supported authors’ royalties, I need to budget more appropriately and also support my local library. It’s honestly been years since I’ve borrowed a book, and I live only two blocks away from a wonderful public resource!
  7. Renew my library card. I’m really embarrassed that I’m even in this situation… especially being an English teacher!

What are some of your reading resolutions for 2019? Comment below or send me an email at!

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