Introducing The February 2019 Book Club Read

Our next selection is Sylvia Plath’s only novel, The Bell Jar. I have to admit to being a bit selfish for selecting a book club title that is also one of the required books in my Advanced Placement Literature class, but when I’m teaching extra classes at school while simultaneously finishing my Master’s degree, I need to consolidate my reading load as much as possible.

That being said, I think we’ll find The Bell Jar to be an enlightening read both for February (can you say, Galentine’s Day?) and this political era (body politics, much?).

Confession: I never much liked Plath’s writing when I was in high school. In general I stayed away from poetry, and after being exposed to Plath’s well-known poem, “Daddy,” you could say that I completely judged The Bell Jar by its cover, or more accurately, the name on its cover. I’m already grateful for inheriting a book list from the previous AP teacher that included The Bell Jar because I don’t think I would ever have picked up a copy otherwise!

Throughout the month I’ll be posting some articles about elements of The Bell Jar… facts about the author and the book’s publication, thoughts about the issues raised in the novel, and ideas about what this book means for us today. I’ll also write about my students’ reactions to The Bell Jar and some of Plath’s poetry (probably not “Daddy,” though).

If you haven’t joined the book club yet, make your away over to the subscription page by clicking here! I hope to see you join us this February!

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