I am always interested in welcoming guest bloggers to ABP. Pitches for blog articles are accepted year-round, although these spots are granted based on the necessity and quality of the pitched content. Check this page for up-to-date information about whether I am actively seeking contributing writers, who collaborate with me in long-term positions.

🌟 NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT! ABP is currently seeking contributing writers. If you love the blog and want to be part of the team, please read the following guidelines when completing your application. Good luck!

Application Guidelines

When applying to be a contributing writer for ABP, please address your email to with the subject line “Application for contributing writer: YOUR NAME.” Alternatively, you may submit the form on this page, but this only initiates the application process and you may be asked to follow up with additional materials. Serious applicants are encouraged to email me directly with all of the following items:

  1. A cover letter explaining your interest in becoming a contributing writer for ABP and your suitability for building the brand
  2. A set of three article pitches, including descriptions of potential media and cross-links
  3. A writing sample that conveys your ability as a content writer on a blog (this may be an existing blog article OR an original draft for ABP)